Shed light on your data

What we do

Data Science and AI

Explore mathematical models and tools to optimally address the business problems

Business Analysis

We know systems and processes well. We will recognise your business challenges and identify solutions using existing or future data

Data Engineering

Specify data transformation pipelines to turn raw data into usable input for predictive and machine learning algorithms

Partner with

How we do it

Define strategy Identify gaps in knowledge, tools and data and set strategy to become data-driven organization

Consult and mentor We will help you understand your AI opportunities on our engaging, eye-opening sessions

Develop tools and models From prototype to pilot to full-fledged data product and tailored tools, built in sustainable stages

Train your team Deliver data science know-how in an engaging way to all relevant stakeholders in your organization

About us

Revelo is a spin-off of the Faculty of Computer Science from Ljubljana. It was founded by a group of Orange developers, one of the acclaimed open source machine learning system. We offer a wide range of services in the field of data engineering and implementation of machine learning, develop turnkey solutions and provide training workshops. We cooperate with pharmaceutical companies, automotive technology providers, media companies and banks.

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