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Integrated solutions

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We help our clients identify innovation and business opportunities from data science and machine learning. We help organizations find the low-hanging fruit, decide on data-driven approaches, choose the right solution and tools, and set strategies to become data-driven organizations.

Machine learning


Think of Lego bricks for data science. In Orange Data Mining, a tool we help develop and use for showcases, we can assemble a prototype within minutes of obtaining a clean data set. Orange allows us to explore new ideas and test them on the fly during client meetings without wasting time on coding and follow-up meetings.

On-the-fly data visualization

Integrated solutions

We support our clients in realizing the full potential offered by their data. Data is often stored in a raw form. We do data engineering, design machine learning and business analytics procedures, and implement decision support systems in the client’s information technology environment.

Data engineering
Smart implementation
Business analysis


We deliver data science know-how in an engaging, hands-on way to all relevant stakeholders in your organization. Because of visual programming and interactive visualizations, our workshops are short, interesting, and focused on problem-solving and business cases without computer science and programming details.

Hands-on workshops
Visual programming

Orange data mining

We partner with the team that develops Orange, one of the most comprehensive, Python-based data mining frameworks. Orange combines visual programming, interactive visualizations, and machine learning in a unique platform for visual analytics. Revelo uses Orange for prototyping, training, and, where appropriate, for solution delivery in the form of add-ons or customized Orange enhancements.
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Our advantages

We offer a unique approach to assist companies in the fast transition to a data-driven organization using the latest explainable machine learning approaches. Visual programming allows us to deliver the prototypes in weeks or even days. With hands-on training of users, we can engage them in the early stages of the development cycle.
Explainable AI
Our solutions use intelligent visualizations, nomograms, cluster characterizations, and decision rules. We focus on explainable AI because understanding what models do helps customers adopt, understand business, and optimize. Our solution complies with current legal requirements, including the EU AI Act. We mitigate bias, reduce market risk, and enable decision-making with explainable predictive modeling.
Fast prototyping
We prototype our systems in the Orange Data Mining suite to reduce time to market, minimize costs, and enable early engagement of the customers in the test and learn cycle. Our prototyping is swift: we work with the tools we own and open-source tools like Orange that we have helped develop.
Customer training
We excel in customer training. We use a unique, hands-on approach developed at the University of Ljubljana that institutions and companies worldwide have praised. The hands-on tutorials and exploratory workshops we design are quick and enjoyable and appeal to managers and end-users.

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